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InstaLoan Questions

How much cash can I get with InstaLoan?

The amount of cash you can get depends on a couple of different factors: The max loan amount in the state, the max amount available for the product, and your eligibility. Visit your state’s available loans page to see the max amount available:

What types of loans are offered by InstaLoan?

The products available depend on what state you reside in. In Florida, we offer a signature loan, a 2nd lien loan and title-secured loans.

Does InstaLoan offer payday loans?

InstaLoan does not offer payday loans. In Florida, we offer a payday loan alternative called a signature loan. A payday loan is secured by your paycheck- a signature loan is secured by YOU and your signature. Learn more about the differences between payday loans and signature loans.

How long does it take to get a loan with InstaLoan?

The process to apply for a loan can take as little as 30 minutes. The process to apply for a personal loan can be shorter than applying for a title-secured loan, simply because title-secured loans require a vehicle appraisal. If approved, InstaLoan can typically get you cash in about 30 minutes.

Do I need to have a job to be approved for a loan?

No, it’s not a requirement that you’re currently employed to qualify for a loan with InstaLoan. However, we want to make sure that you don’t over-extend yourself. It’s important for you to have a source of income so you can repay your loan. Acceptable forms of income include: disability income, retirement income, unemployment income, and various other forms of income.

Do I need good credit to be approved for a loan?

One of the great things about InstaLoan is that we don’t require you to have good credit to get approved for a loan. You are welcome to apply for any loan type, regardless of your credit.

Title Loan Questions

What is a title loan?

A title loan (or a title-secured loan) is what is referred to as a “secured loan”. This means you are providing your car’s title as collateral – the collateral is used to secure the loan.

If I borrow a title loan, do I no longer own my vehicle?

With an InstaLoan title loan, InstaLoan is listed as the lienholder on your title for the duration of your loan. You can keep driving your vehicle while the loan is outstanding and in good standing. Once you repay your loan in full, the InstaLoan lien is removed.

Payment Questions

How often do I have to make a payment?

Your payment schedule will depend on the specific terms of your account.

How do I make a payment on my account with InstaLoan?

Your convenience is our priority at InstaLoan. That’s why we offer various payment options. Please visit our Payment Guide to learn more.

Is there a pre-payment penalty?

InstaLoan never charges additional fees for making payments early. We encourage you to pay your loan off as quickly as possible. The faster you pay off your loan, the less interest you end up paying.


I think I may have been affected by a data breach related to InstaLoan. What do I do? 

The security and protection of your information is of utmost importance. Please refer to our Cyber Security Alert for details on what to do and how InstaLoan is here to help.