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InstaLoan Payment Guide

When unexpected expenses arise, InstaLoan can help you get same day funds at competitive rates. In addition, we offer a variety of payment methods with a high level of customer service. Whether your loan is due in 30 days or over several months, we make the payment process easy and convenient with over 30+ locations in Florida.

Your payment schedule will be determined when you take out a loan, and will be included in your Agreement. Payment methods and late penalties will differ depending on the state where you opened your account.

Payments Guide


How to Make a Payment

To ensure a timely payment, please visit your local InstaLoan store on or before your due date where you received your loan. We accept cash, certified checks, and money orders. Please note that we do not accept personal or business account checks. Once your payment is processed, you will be provided a customer receipt. If you have any questions about payment methods, please contact your local InstaLoan.

Late Payments

At InstaLoan, our team of trained professionals understands that occasionally road blocks occur that prevent an on-time payment. Whether payday falls a day or two after your due date or you just need a few extra days, we can work with you. Please contact your local InstaLoan store should unexpected circumstances arise.

The Importance of Timely Payments and Communication

We believe by working with our customers we can eliminate late payments and increase customer relationships. Communication is key. If you are ever behind and you will not be able to make your payment, please contact your InstaLoan store to see what options may be available to you.

Paying on time avoids accruing additional interest, fees, or charges. In addition, paying on time avoids default and collection efforts, which means less for you to worry about. It is important that you re-review your contract and reach out to your local InstaLoan with any questions.

  • Late Fees – Late fees are charged on the 11th day past due.

  • Pre-payment – Remember you can always pay early without penalty.