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Great Questions for Your Financial Advisor!

By: Louise Connell


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Have you hired, or are you considering hiring, a financial advisor? It’s not the easiest task out there to choose someone to have complete knowledge and control of your financial situation. You should consider referrals from family members or friends. It may even help to go online and see ratings and reviews of financial advisors in your area before you decide to select this individual. Here are a few great questions to ask him or her in order to strengthen your relationship and keep you abreast of your finances.

How do you charge for your service?

This will help you understand about how much you will owe and whether or not this individual has an incentive to sell you products.

  • Initial planning fee?

  • Percentage for assets under management?

  • Selling specific products?

What types of clients do you specialize in?

  • Some focus on newly married couples

  • Recently divorced

  • Young couples

  • Individuals nearing retirement

  • Business owners

Licenses & Credentials

  • Do you need a CPA? (Certified Public Accountant)

  • CFP? (Certified Financial Planner)

  • ChFC? (Chartered Financial Consultant)

  • RIA? (Registered Investment Advisor)

Sample financial plan

  • Reviewing samples of your financial advisor’s work can help you both determine if you two will make a great fit. It’s important for YOU to understand what he/she will be giving you for advice.

How available will you (or your team) be for me?

  • Yearly?

  • Quarterly?

  • Monthly?

  • Whenever I need you?

Maintain your relationship with your financial advisor and keep in mind that if you find you need extra cash – InstaLoan is here and will be happy to help you immediately!